Our specialization in the sectors is the success factor that has allowed us to help our customers achieve certain and important results.


The Media Lab s.r.l. encompasses seriousness, professionalism and qualified personnel for every sector of interest, thanks to our network contracts stipulated with Original Mocassin S.R.L. located in Avellino and Sciuker Frames S.p.A. located in Avellino, we are able to realize shared projects and objectives, increasing the innovative capacity and competitiveness on the market.


We provide our customers with excellent tools for every sector, from windows to the tools for making high quality shoes.


We look after our ever-evolving products. Today more than ever. We have been operating in these sectors for years and we are giving a real revolution by promoting products of excellent quality.


Excellent results obtained, always keeping up with the times with competitive prices, never neglecting to give security to your customer by always buying a good product. We are constantly looking for new ways for the fields we deal with, always creating a perfect balance between quality / price ratio and innovation.


VAT: 07910961213 - Capitale sociale: € 500.000,00

REGISTERED OFFICE: Corso Novara - Torre Alta, 10 - 80142 Napoli

EMAIL: amministrazione.medialab@gmail.com

PEC: medialab.srl@legalmail.it

PHONE: +39 371 4974683 - +39 081 21 83 864